Michael A.C. Ashcroft

Specialist in family law and social law
  • Labour law
  • Medical malpractice liability
  • Insurance law

Michael Ashcroft, born on 24 September 1960, was educated at a boarding school in Great Britain. Having graduated from the University of Bonn in Germany, he went on to complete an internship programme at the District Court [Landgericht] in Aachen, Germany. Michael specialises in family law and social law, also offering a client-advisory and support service in the areas of civil law and criminal law. A further area of particular focus is medical law. In his capacity as Lawyer, Michael is especially involved in providing a legal representation and advisory service for people suffering from disabilities. In this regard, he was Vice Chairman for many years of the State-registered Federal Association of Thalidomide Victims in Germany. He is a native speaker of both German and English.